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Two issues stopping me using this theme (3 posts)

  1. catkinpress
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I love the look of Opulus, but two things are stopping me using it. Can anyone see any way to get around these issues?:

    1) It doesn't appear to support downloads. I'm using the plug-in WordPress Download Manager (which works well with other themes), but in Opulus the download window is behind other layers hiding the download button. For example, try clicking on one of these files to download http://walkguidebooks.com/free-walks/

    2) I want to use photos and other images, but there doesn't seem to be any control over how they look. The featured images change proportions so greatly between front page and post page that they are only fit for vague patterns, not real photos, which are cropped horrendously. Just adding images into posts looks poor as the text bangs up against them and there is no way to add borders spacing. For instance http://walkguidebooks.com/galloway-coast/
    ....Am I missing something? Is there anyway to control the proportions and appearance of images?

  2. ebhead
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Yes, I have had that problem with the way the frontpage featured page images display.

    Nimubs, will you please address this? My suggestion is to add a repositioning option for the "thumbnail" preview image for featured page images that display on the frontpage, like the facebook repositioning option.

    At the very least, will you please give us the recommended dimensions that work best for featured page images on the frontpage, so we can edit them to fit and display properly?

  3. rovingsign
    Posted 2 years ago #

    One way around the Feature Images/Pages issue is to use a redirect plug-in.

    One page's featured image is the one you see on the homepage. - and then you can configure the redirected page a little differently.(different featured image.)

    I think you can just right click>view info on the images to see their sizes.

    Its extra work - but gets the desired effect.

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