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  • Hi!

    I have two different issues with two websites

    In the first case once Google APIs are correctly created when I enter an address I get the error:
    “Geocoding error: REQUEST_DENIED”

    However, if I insert the coordinates manually, it works perfectly.

    The second problem is research.
    That I know by entering the name of the city in the field, the state or the CAP should “extrapolate” from the list the places with that cap (and maybe zoom in on them, right?) And let them see in the list: it does not work !

    Lastly, it’s not a problem but an aesthetic requirement
    is it possible in some ways to move the list of places from the side of the map to the bottom of the map?

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  • Hello,
    1. The request denied error might be caused by some restriction on the API key, like a referrer check. You would need to check it out in your Google console. Am I right that you have one key working on one site and not working on another?

    2. Search by the city name. It’s not exactly so as you wrote. When you search for a city name, for example “Paris”, it tries to locate coordinates for Paris. And if you enter just a city name, it’s likely to be like a city center. And not all the locations of Paris will be your search radius setting within the city center.

    3. To move the list below the map simply configure it with a shorcode parameter, like this:

    [locatoraid layout="map/list"]

    We’ve got a help file on this within the admin area (Publish menu), or


    1) Yes: i have a restriction on the API: removing all restriction?

    2) Ok … I’ll see you do more tests because now it seems that inserting a cap or a city does not get any zoom! (may it always be because of the limitations of the key api?)

    3) perfect!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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