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  • Hello,

    I just purchased the plugin and am having too problems:
    1. When I click directions, instead of using my geolocation, it uses “Canada”. I need it to use my geolocation for the directions.
    2. I downloaded the import template, added my locations, but it won’t important my locations. I get this error:
    Address 1043 Pembroke St East, , Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 6Z3, Canada failed to geocode. Received status OVER_QUERY_LIMIT.

    The site is here:

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  • It says that it successfully imported but they’re not showing up under Manage. Only 2 locations import.

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    1) It always gives directions from the current address that was entered for a search. If no search was performed it will start from the center of your home country. You can use/turn-on location sensor but that comes with its own issues. Some people have had success putting “location” or something similar in the “center map at” box in the Pro Pack. What you enter depends on which mobile app is used to browse. it is not a SLP specific feature, just a workaround because some browser apps turn the address “location” into your current GPS coordinates.

    2) That is a Google API issue. If you entered a Google API key you can try removing it. Google will track geocoding count by your IP address v. the API key. If you are reaching the limit then Google has your API key limited for some reason. You’ll have to work that one out with the Google API settings and their support/help pages.

    1. The location (geolocation) works and finds me but the location isn’t passed to the directions feature. This is a critical feature.

    2. Whether it’s on or off, it does not work. I can send you the .cvs if you want to take a look. It says that it imports the 28 locations but they do not show up on the manage section.

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    I will have to look at the geolocation. I’m not certain there is any easy way to do this as directions require an address and I do not think it will work with a GPS coordinate (lat/long). Maybe there is a way around this but I need to investigate & explore solutions.

    Yes, send the CSV file. Contact me at and I will reply so you have my direct email to attach the file.

    I also would like Directions to use the lat/long rather than a street address. It can be done eg

    I also would like Directions to use the lat/long rather than a street address. It can be done eg,138.63347053527832

    I’m trying to use a work-around by putting “My Location” as the center of the map. It finds my city but not my actual location.

    The two reasons I bought this add-on don’t seem to work: bulk import and geolocation directions. *sigh*

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    The way geolocation works will be 100% dependent on the user’s web browser. The only thing the plugin can do is ask the browser “give us your current location” and the browser returns their BEST GUESS as to your lat/long. Every browser is different based on the operating system, device, user settings, and more. It is far from a perfect system but is also out of our control. Too many website builders are trying to skip building a custom mobile app by using a web based map. Web based maps will never be as accurate as a true mobile app until/unless the browser community agrees to a proper geolocation standard.

    If you want accurate geolocation services, which only makes sense on a GPS enabled device and thus indicates a mobile-centric offering, you really need to considering building a proper mobile app. Store Locator Plus has hooks to make this possible so your web-based store system and mobile app data are in perfect sync, however you still need to go through the effort of building a mobile app.

    As for import, the system does work if your data is formatted properly and the addresses are accurate and can be located by Google. I will get to the sample CSV file that was sent to check for bugs on the import but every single CSV I’ve received since last December has been a problem in the CSV format NOT the code that imports it. I will get to that file EVENTUALLY.

    As far as I can tell, bulk import and geolocation are working properly.

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    The sample CSV file that was received is incorrectly formatted. There are line breaks in the middle of every data record which corrupts the entire file format. The carriage returns and other special characters in the hours fields need to be stripped out.

    Use a standard CSV formatter/exporter from whatever tool you are using to create the data and you’ll have more success with the data import.

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    3.7.6 is coming next week with 2 major updates to directions:

    1) The start point will be the address as entered in the search box.

    2) If that is empty AND use location sensor is enabled AND the location sensor returns a result (user has it enabled) then the GPS coordinates will be used.

    If both items fail then the fallback is to work the same way as the prior release which will often default to the center of the selected country for the map default (somewhere near Oklahoma/Kansas for the United States users).

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