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  • When I set up my site, I wasn’t really interested in the blog function; I was more interested in creating pages. I created a page called “home” and used that for referring people to my page. Of course the top page of the blog remained, and as I understood wordpress – and what I wanted to do – better, I started using it. I posted “Home” as my mother link for all of my pages and it’s worked fine. A little hinky, but basically fine. Now I want to switch to a more upbeat theme, but the ones I like best list links across the top and call both the main blog page and the page I named “Home” “Home.” I could rename the home page (as opposed to the main blog page), but I can’t really think of what would make sense; something like “Home” and “Main” doesn’t cut it. Does anyone see a fix for this other than renaming what I think of as my home page?

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  • I took a look at both your pages heres what I came up with:
    1 Your link to your home page called home and your blog link called blog
    2 Your link to your home page called The Tribe of Admins Home and your blog link called The Tribe of Admins Blog
    3 If you can shorten the name like this: Your link to your home page called T.T.A. Home and your blog link called T.T.A. Blog
    4 Lot of work but can be done, merge the home page into the blog and delete the home page. I can see this if I knew what theme you are choosing.

    Well, I’d still need a mother page for the site – the site is mostly pages; I don’t mind the posts – they have their purpose – but they aren’t my focus. I need a mother page in order to nest them.

    Some of the themes I’m looking at are Morning Coffee 2.4, Oriental 1.2.1, and Desk Mess 1.4. In each case, the first two links across the top are called “Home.” One links to the blog and one to the “home” page. The are named differently on the site; the blog is just and the page is called I get why some themes would call them both “Home, but it’s frustrating. I’m not quite sure how to rename the blog page, as it’s the main page of the site. These themes would still call it ‘home’ anyway, so I guess I’ll just need to rename what I called “home.”

    Sorry if I’m not following.

    I think I’m making a mountain out of a grain of sand. I should stop trying to restructure and just rename the Home page “Welcome” or “Reception” or “Nest of Vipers” or ANYTHING but “Home.” 😀

    Take a look at my blog page I am using the theme Basic Simplicity. I modified the header.php. you are not making a mountain out of grain of sand. I first had a main web page and gallery. Then the blog . Basically you just edit the header.php or index.php of your theme (wherever the navigation bar code is written).

    Thanks! I’m thinking about it. I didn’t get that you meant that I should actually change the navigation code. It’s a bit over my head, but I’ve figured out other coding (with a lot of help from this forum! 😀 ) so I could probably get there.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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