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  • Hi. First, I just want to say thank you for a great plugin. I love Issue M.

    Regarding the glitches, I had this problem before and tried to find the instructions to fix it but they were in a link and it seems to go somewhere different now. On my new website I downloaded issue M and made a few articles and everything is working except that on the current issue page or after clicking on issue on archives pictures, I get a list of my articles one after another rather than thumbnails. I am pretty sure I clicked all the right settings, etc. and have checked a lot but I keep just getting a feed, a list of articles rather than the clickable thumbnails.

    The other issue I have on more than one websites is that the thumbnails show up with gaps. Now someone did tell me to put some code in my Css or something like that but the fact is that although I work constantly on websites, I am an amateur and I do not know where to put it. Thanks ever so much for any help with this. It is much appreciated.

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  • Same/similar issue. Page (auto-created) for an issue does NOT show thumbnails for the post.

    However, if I create a separate page with short codes, the thumbnails appear as expected.

    Where is the code for the thumbnails and what needs to be done to fix this?

    Hi. I did create a separate page from the outset, with the shortcodes, but it still does not work. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

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