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    Yesterday I spoke with someone and showed them my website and they opted in to my email list. I am also running a two-day ad campaign on Facebook, so I”m extra-pissed at this. I’m connected to Mailchimp and I refreshed my list last week when I had to rebuild my site from a restore. The First Name and Email address fields get X’d off and nope, no one subscribed.

    Finally, I’m using WordPress MultiSite and I’ve concluded through my experiences that most plugins do not work as they say they do when you use multisite, and it basically doubles, triples, and quadruples my setup and maintenance and troubleshooting to try to fix these errors. One error that was happening for the first two days that I had my Landing Page up was that even though I told Hustle I did NOT want it displaying on Product pages, it was displaying anyway. I had to “throw away” a product by telling Hustle it could display there, just leave the other products alone. I don’t want Hustle on pages where I want people to consider the product. There are some Landing Pages that are like that too – click through to the order, don’t get annoyed by the popup.

    I’m telling you this because of MU, and because of MU troubleshooting drag I’m basically going to switch platforms for this site and keep WP standalone for my other website, but I need help fixing the field problem, fast.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Dimitris – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @janerette

    Please check the field name of First Name in the form is added like first_name

    and field name of Email in the form is added like email

    About multisite, this shouldn’t make any difference, apart from the fact of course that each subsite can have it’s own pop-ups/slide-ins/social sharing modules.

    As for the display condition with products, I couldn’t replicate using a simple product via our MarketPress plugin, so this may be happening due to some other conflict, so please do backup your site and proceed with a conflict test as shown in next image, in order to narrow this down.

    Warm regards,

    PS. Please keep in mind to create separate threads per issue and not combine them in one, even though it’s about the same plugin, as these are the forums regulations that we should follow. 🙂

    Thanks, I clicked through the 3 pages for the Hustle plugin and saved/Finished it and the block on the emails was removed, without any other changes.

    I really did refresh the Mailchimp connection when I restored my site and went through to redesign everything, so I still don’t have any idea why it stopped working.

    I have another question about a feature that’s on this same slide-in and a new pop-up that I just added to my site. I’ll create a new topic.

    Plugin Support Dimitris – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @janerette

    Main concern is to have the same fields in both Hustle form and Mailchimp form in your Mailchimp account.

    Default Name and Email fields are having the above names that I shared.
    Please do compare these both and provide some screenshots like I did, if this is still an issue for you ( can assist you on this).

    Warm regards,

    Hi again – sorry for lengthy writing but this is a new variation of this same problem.

    What’s more is I’m concerned whether it’s brand-new or older than the last WP update, because I haven’t been doing any development on the website lately. On Sunday, I logged into my MU and saw there was a new WP, did a backup (I have Jetpack anyway) and installed it. I also updated plugins. I am not sure if Hustle was one of them (keep in mind: within the past three days, and it’d been at least a week since I had logged in, and not receiving orders except for one through the store).

    I just discovered, while recording video content on the anatomy of a landing page and how to connect MailChimp to it, that the email address field was unfillable. You could do the name fields and submit it but it would reload with the error “need an address!” that you couldn’t type in. I’ve refreshed the list in the Hustle plugin, but this error persists. Can you please take a look?

    Relatedly (I know, separate issue), this same popup has only been directed to display on two posts, no pages, no products, but when you click a link on the post to take you to the Shop and order the product through Woo, it pops up again. It’s important that it only displays where I tell it to, it’s not the right content for other Pages or posts on the site. On Products, I want the user to do one thing only and that’s Add to Cart and go on through.

    In addition, I need to have this all fixed by Saturday, as I have a new product to release with a new Landing Page. The Hustle plugin has been so handy for my mailing list precisely because, with this popup, I can assign them automatically into a group on my list. I can’t do that with the Mailchimp plug-in alone.

    Please help me today or by tomorrow (May 25)!

    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hey @janerette,

    Hope you’re well.

    Did you try plugin conflict test like Dimitris suggested? Some plugins can conflict with Hustle and cause this problem so to understand this you need to perform conflict tests.

    Just be sure you have a backup of your site, then try to deactivate all plugins except Hustle and try again. Is problem continues? If not then try to activate plugins one by one until replicating the problem and try again each time you activate one plugin. Then let me know which plugin conflicting.


    Hi there, I wish I’d gotten this by email but I’m on it now. The problem was there only a bit worse today, and now I’m trying your advice, except that I’m on MultiSite, so it’s not as easy to turn of all plugins and test. Deactivating them on one of my sites turned them off on the other… no popups. I didn’t Network Deactivate. I can still do this, but while I’m trying that, another question would be: would an inactivated popup plugin interfere with Hustle?

    Here’s what I have:

    Active Plugins (18)

    Akismet Anti-Spam Version 4.0.7 by Automattic
    BackupGuard Pro Version 1.1.63 by BackupGuard
    Broken Link Checker Version 1.11.5 by Janis Elsts, Vladimir Prelovac
    Content Views Version 2.0.2 by CVSOFT LLC
    Easy Google Fonts Version 1.4.3 by Titanium Themes
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) Version 5.3.3 by ExactMetrics team
    Health Check Version 1.0.1 by The community
    Hustle Version 6.0.2 by WPMU DEV
    Jetpack by Version 6.1.1 by Automattic
    MailChimp for WordPress Version 4.2.2 by ibericode
    Medium Version 1.4.0 by A Medium Corporation
    Really Simple SSL Version 3.0 by Rogier Lankhorst
    SOGO Add Script Header Footer Version 3.0 by orenhav (SOGO)
    VaultPress Version 1.9.5 by Automattic
    WooCommerce Version 3.4.0 by Automattic
    WP Smush Version by WPMU DEV
    WP Super Cache Version 1.6.1 by Automattic
    Yoast SEO Version 7.5.1 by Team Yoast

    Inactive Plugins (7)

    MailChimp for WooCommerce Version 2.1.7 by MailChimp
    PopupAlly Version 2.0.1 by AmbitionAlly
    Scripts-To-Footer Version 0.6.2 by Joshua David Nelson
    Unattach and Re-attach Media Attachments Version 1.2 by
    WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Gateway Version 1.5.5 by WooCommerce
    WooCommerce Services Version 1.14.0 by Automattic
    WordPress Importer Version 0.6.4 by wordpressdotorg

    Your definitive answer for the conflict is WooCommerce 🙁

    So I’m going to keep using Hustle on the site that I don’t need WooCommerce for, but I’m going to use a different popup plugin for the WooCommerce site.

    I’ve been through a few and I still like this one best. There’s some artefacts to it (Like my hidden “projects” list still appearing on the slide-in) but compared to what I’ve been doing without straight subscribing to Opt In Monster, Hustle had the functions I needed and my workarounds haven’t “taken” yet.

    Do you have any idea when this conflict will be repaired? My work is monthly and I needed it over the weekend (my bad, but I need it now); without a popup my site is inadequate. I might have to migrate. Please advise

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    Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hey @janerette,

    Hope you’re well.

    I am little lost in the thread because there was a two type of problem. I can still see the clicking email field, so I can’t enter my email. Is deactivate Woocommerce not solve this?

    I tried it on my test site and I can replicate this problem with Woocommerce. So I just created a bug report about that. I can’t give any ETA but it will be solved at one of the next releases of Hustle.


    Hi Oguz,

    I’m doing well, thanks. I feel dumb for having let this popup problem slip my mind over the weekend, so now I have to rush to solve a problem, but I’m glad for my sake that this isn’t a “somehow you messed up your own WP” as probably all of us have experienced before.

    I created a new support Q because I want to turn Hustle off on projectica, in the meantime.

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