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  • Based on recent experience I have two suggestions for future enhancement of the plugin.

    1) Differentiate emails sent when in non-production mode.

    I would like to see a feature in Post-SMTP where it would be obvious which emails were sent during a time when the plugin was set to “log email and delete” vs “log email and send”. This could be something in the interface, like the color of the text that displays in the log.

    I use this setting quite often to temporarily disable email while testing something. Then I have to figure out which emails were sent during the test period, and which were from before. When testing something that will fire a lot of mails at once (like a forum digest cron job) it’s very hard to go back through pages of logs and try to figure out when was the last email that got sent, vs the ones that got deleted — they all say “sent”! which I understand, technically speaking, but it’s confusing to sort out “really sent” from “sent but deleted”.

    2) It would be awesome if there was a warning notification in the admin bar about being in non-production mode. If I forget to set it back to production mode, I would like to see a glaring reminder so I don’t screw up real mail sending. (Not that I’ve ever done such a silly thing…..)

    Thanks for a great plugin!!

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