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  • Resolved Erdloch



    Thanks for your plugin, it works (almost) perfectly.
    The only “problem” I have is that I always receive two email with the same content. Could there be a bug in your plugin? Or is it also possible that there is something wrong with my smtp-server? A few weeks ago (probably before I updated your plugin) it worked well and I only got one email…and when I’m already posting something, I have a little “improvement suggestion”: Is it possible to add the field {Author} to the settings?

    Thank you very much!

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  • Plugin Author Valerio Souza


    Hi Erdloch

    Tips new features use GitHub.

    It really is strange to receive two e-mails. This always happens on posts? Tested in and comment pages?

    Tests made ​​on various websites, putting many ways and did not happen to me.

    Do yourself a favor, check with your bank on the _options table if there is some other field like notify_users_email name.

    Also check emails registered in the user list and let the Send field to blank.

    Another attempt is to enable and disable the plugin, it makes it all clear tables and return to the default setting.

    Another tip is to delete and install the plugin again.

    Let me know what you did and resolved.


    I’ve just noticed that someone else has already posted “my” problem as a bug on GitHub πŸ˜‰
    I’ve also tried to reinstall it, but with no effect…

    Plugin Author Valerio Souza


    Got to do all the above?

    I have the same problem. There are two identical e-mails sent for each new post or new page, only one mail for a new comment. I have followed all the steps suggested by Valerio without result.
    Any suggestion ?
    Thank you for your assistance.

    Plugin Author Valerio Souza


    I need more information. Where are you staying? Uses SMTP? Uses PHP itself? Which plugins installed?

    Hi Valerio,
    Ditto on the compliments on your plugin. It is extremely simple to use, and works brilliantly. My only issue is with duplicate emails being sent to users when I do a post.
    Was there any feedback or fixes for this?

    Plugin Author Valerio Souza


    As already asked and even then no one could answer.

    I need the list of installed plugins, hosting server using SMTP and use or transmission of WordPress itself.

    I made several tests and none occurred this problem. I need to know more about the way they use to understand the problem.

    Hi Valerio, (and anyone else reading this post)
    I think I might have figured out what is causing the double emails. In my case (and this is kind of stupid from my side), the people who I was using as the test group were all editors of the blogs I manage, and the reason that they were all getting two emails was because one was the default WP notification email that they were already set up to receive, and the second was the one being sent by the “notify users” plugin.
    When I went out and looked at other people’s accounts who were only subscribers, they had only received the one email from Notify Users.
    Perhaps, Erdloch this might be the same issue you’re having.
    Just wanted to share that.

    Plugin Author Valerio Souza


    Can be connected to something that is. It is also the case if the user is already registered, nacessita not fill the first field, repeating his email.

    I spoke prematurely. My last comment doesn’t fix the issue, as all email addresses are still receiving 2 copies of the email.
    I checked with the hosting provider, and confirmed that we use the PHP email function and that we don’t have a limit on how many emails we send per hour. Below are all the tests that I have done to make sure that I have covered everything before I bothered you again.

    1. I deactivated and reactivated the plugin.
    2. I deleted and downloaded the plugin again.
    3. Also, I have not added any additional emails to “Sent to” field on the top, but am only sending to registered users of the blog.
    4. I did check the database and I found a notify_users_email and notify_users_email_version in the option_name column. Is there a value I should set in the option_value column for one or both of these that will fix the problem?
    Plugin Author Valerio Souza


    Send the data from the two fields. Hide the emails and private data.

    a:8:{s:7:”send_to”;s:0:””;s:13:”send_to_users”;a:1:{i:0;s:11:”contributor”;}s:12:”subject_post”;s:44:”New post published at The Informer on {date}”;s:9:”body_post”;s:57:”A new post {title} – {link} has been published on {date}.”;s:12:”subject_page”;s:44:”New page published at The Informer on {date}”;s:9:”body_page”;s:57:”A new page {title} – {link} has been published on {date}.”;s:15:”subject_comment”;s:47:”New comment published at The Informer on {date}”;s:12:”body_comment”;s:50:”A new comment {link} has been published on {date}.”;}


    Hi Valerio,
    Were you able to figure out what was causing the problem?

    Plugin Author Valerio Souza


    I’m in a tight period with many jobs, in addition to working on version 4.0, we are analyzing the possibility of launching a slipstream version 4.0 or
    So far could not find any error that could cause this problem.
    Can you give me admin access? If yes let me know the email alert which is on github

    Plugin Contributor Claudio Sanches


    I’ll investigate what is causing this.

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