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    hello everyone,

    I’ve been trying to solve this problem for a while now & I couldn’t find any solution in any forum so far.

    A few months ago I was supposed to redesign two separate websites, hosted by two separate hosts. Also I was supposed to link them together somehow. I did not create those websites but I was given all necessary Log ins to operate them.

    In the following I will call the first domain „“ and the second domain „“.

    Now, a few months ago I already redesigned „“ with, also, I did all the necessary to put „“ online. It already works fine.
    The landing page of „“ leads you to two links. One leads you to the already new designed „“. The second one leads you to the old version of „“. This way, I already “linked” the two pages, and it should also stay that way in the future.

    „“ was available without having to visit „“ and it was not designed with WordPress. Now I wanted to change the layout of „“ in WordPress. The layout should be the same like page 1 , using another text. But that would already be my second problem, so let’s do the first one first:

    Now I first thought I could just duplicate the pages of „“ and change the text and link the pages with the domain of „“. As page 2 is hosted by another host and has its own database, I did not know how to continue this so I tried something else. I tried to create an additional WordPress account for „“ so I could just design the page there separately, do all the necessary to put the page online and then just leave the link of page 2 on the landing page of page 1 to keep the two “connected”.

    Therefore, I downloaded the WordPress installation file again and saved it separate from the first one that I have downloaded for page 1 a few months ago.
    After modifying the wp-config.php file and uploading all WordPress files to the database of page 2, I tried to install WordPress with this data.
    When I tried this, an error appeared:

    WordPress is already installed. Please delete your old database for a new installation.

    Additionally, “” is completely white now if you look it up on the internet.

    I’m really a newbie in the world of websites and everything I’ve learned so far was either through other websites, forums or just learning by doing. I don’t even really understand what my problem is. Is it that you cannot have two WordPress files on your laptop?

    I hope you can understand my problem, in case I messed up some of the “professional vocabulary” please do not hesitate to ask me if something I wrote does not make sense to you.

    Thank you so much for your time already!!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Yes, it is possible to have two WordPress installs on the same servers. They just need to be in separate folders with separate databases and domains pointed to respective installs.

    Hope this clarifies a little. Don’t hesitate to ask whatever you need help with.

    Just a word of advice. Try to be more concise in your questions so people can help you in the best way possible.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you @problemizer! I tried this, it worked. Sorry for being so imprecise.
    Now I’m having some trouble duplicating and transferring one webpage from one website to the other. I tried to use the Customizer Import/Export but it did not transfer everything.

    Also thank you @marthec for your answer.

    You can use native WordPress export functionality which can be found here.
    Did you already dud that?


    Oh no, I did not know that. I’ll try it now, thanks a lot!!

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