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  1. skullbooks
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey, i've been googling and testing for over 2-3 h now and could not find a solution and don't know for what to google now ;)

    what i want to do is: have one wordpress site and point two domains on it. the maindomain.de -> goes to the start page and the specialdomain.de -> should go to the special site in the menu. but the best would be if the click on the spacial menu entry goes also to specialdomain.de

    so i would like to have a structure like

    - startpage (maindomain.de)
    - - blog
    - - page 1
    - - page 2
    - - special page (spedialdomain.de)
    - - - special child site
    - - page 3

    the layout and menu should be the same on every page, but the klicks on all pages under the special page should use the spacialdomain.de and if i'm on a special site and klick on blog or any other site i will go back to the maindomain.de.

    i've tryed a multisite installation with multi domain mapping, but i have no posibility to get the page tree from a other site in the maindomain.de site, or?

    don't know if it's clear what i would like to do...
    any questions or suggestions?


  2. If you do that with Multisite, then 'special page' would be a separate site, not a page.

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