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Two domains, no redirect

  • Hi!

    I have a self-hosted WP blog since 2010. Now I need to use a 2nd domain.

    I need to keep using the old domain. The new domain should reach the same WP installation… BUT… maintaining the new domain address in the address bar.

    Let’s suppose that my old domain is xxx.com. Now I have a new domain, zzz.com.

    zzz.com should show the same content, same blog.


    If one visits the blog via zzz.com, the address bar must show zzz.com.

    If the visit comes from xxx.com, the address bar must show xxx.com.

    Same content, independent domains in the address bar. Is that possible?

    I asked for help to Mochahost Support. They told me this is not working due to a config in my sitemap.xml. The new domain is alread configured in my CPanel, as addon domain, reading the same directory of the older domain. The new domain is redirected perfectly, but NOT keeping the address in the address bar.

    Sorry for my poor English.

    Thank you.

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  • Yes, this is probably possible but it sounds like it’s not possible in your current hosting environment. Also, it’s not a good idea for SEO reasons. You will get points taken away for having duplicate content.

    If you really need this you should consider moving to a hosting provider that can offer this kind of setup.

    Thank you.

    So I’ll keep my new domain as main domain and just redirect the other. I’ll try to find how to do this. All the files are in the old directory…

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