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  1. residentoddball
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I am building two different websites, one not yet built that will be in the root directory(http://mysite.com), and a second that is in progress that is currently in a subdirectory (http://mysite.com/second-site).

    I also have a domain name (http://www.mydomain.com) that is permanently being forwarded to http://mysite.com/second-site.

    Problem: the navigation menu links say http://mysite.com/second-site/menu-item, but I want them to say http://www.mydomain.com/menu-item.

    I've looked at Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory and Create_A_Network and Virtual Multiblog ....Some of these don't apply, I don't think, and the others are just over my head. :-P

    I don't/can't move the blog to the root, because that root is going to have its own wordpress site. So how do I get my permalinks to reflect the domain, while leaving the site in the subdir that it's in?

    I'm running 3.0, but had not enabled multi-site before starting this build.

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