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  • I hope I can explain this clearly enough.

    I have two installations of WP: one is 1.2.2 (old) and 2.0 (new). I was using 1.2.2 on one site, and then I decided to upgrade to 2.0 but on a different site (with a different database and different username/password).

    I made a new database on the new site, and had a wp-config.php file to match the new database. I uploaded the backup I made (from 1.2.2) to the new database, then used phpMyAdmin to modify the site and home URIs. I uploaded WP 2 files and then ran upgrade.php. It worked. I still have the 1.2.2 installation and all its files and its database in tact, all on a separate site.

    The one problem I have with these installations is logging in. If I login to one admin panel, I can’t login to the other. If I choose to login into 1.2.2 first, the login screen for 2.0 just keeps coming up no matter what I click. If I login into 2.0 first, then the login screen for 1.2.2 just keeps coming up.

    Knowing that, I don’t think it’s a problem specific to one installation (although I might be wrong).

    If I wait a while, or restart my computer, the ‘status’ of logging in gets cleared and I’m able to choose which blog I login to, but upon doing so I can’t login to the other.

    What could be the problem? I’ve tried clearing cookies and cache but I don’t think it worked. If it is a cookie problem what could be causing both installations to create the same cookie… or something like that. I’m not too sure how these things work.

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  • I’m not for sure, but wouldn’t you have to upgrade to 1.5 first and then to 2.0?

    Also, if you move to a new site, and you had your WP installation in a directory, you would have to be sure that you install into the same directory (directory with same name), otherwise your database would have tons of broken links. (I know, I did this once…)

    As far as the login problem. hmm.. I wonder if the old database you put into the new one has the links crossed from each installation? That’s the only thing I can think of, if they’re on separate sites.
    Do you have links to both sites?

    The actual installations work correctly by themselves. I described the upgrade process so it would be clear what I did and if they could contribute to the login problem. The only problem I have is with the login. I could just delete my old installation completely and it would be fine, but I’d like to figure out the cause of the problem so I can avoid it in future.

    I checked the databases (sql backup) for both sites and made sure that in each of them there were no references to the other site.

    May want to check this out.
    I’m at a loss. Are your passwords correct?

    Since I used the backup, both my usernames and passwords are the same for both installations.

    Hmmm, I’ll describe what I did in more detail:

    1. Made an .sql backup of 1.2.2 installation.
    2. Created a new database.
    3. Modified wp-config.php to reflect the database.
    4. Restored the backup to the new database.
    5. Used phpMyAdmin to modify the site and home URIs.
    6. Uploaded WP 2.0 files and ran upgrade.php.
    7. Logged into WP 2.0 and all was working.

    8. Tried logging back into 1.2.2 and it wouldn’t let me (kept redirecting back to login screen).

    9. Cleared cookies, cache and restarted computer.

    10. I have the login problem where I can login to one but not the other (depends which I choose first). If I restart or wait a while (maybe it has something to do with sessions?), I can choose which one I can login to again, but upon doing so I can’t login into the other… and repeat.

    Ok, I’m a bit confused here. You say you have TWO sites, right?
    Ok, seems like a login issue.
    Try using two different browsers. Use IE for one login, say the 1.2 site, and Firefox for the 2.0 site.
    Be sure to clear cache, cookies, AND passwords out of each if they “remember” passwords. Of course, be sure you have a secure stash of your passwords somewhere.

    I’m still leaning to upgrading from 1.2 to 1.5 to 2.0. I tried to find something on this, but the closest I came was this.
    Anyone else have an idea on this?

    They’re two separate sites with different names databases. I don’t understand why they would end up locking one another out.

    Well, the upgrade process itself wouldn’t seem to be the issue, since s/he is able to access both installs.

    I find it VERY odd that two separate sites with different databases would have this problem…. If both sites are on shared server space (same host, same IP?), that might be part of the problem and you might need to talk to your host support staff….

    Hmm, that could be the issue. They do have the same IP address. If that’s the cause, then I guess I don’t have much to worry about. Do people with multiple blogs on the same site have this type of problem?

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