Two Columns of Text - Getting it To Scaffold In Cell Phone Break Point (1 post)

  1. ScottFromPA
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    I have two columns of text, column A and column B. Each row of text in each column correlates to each other for example the text “Name” in row one for column A correlates to “Joe Smith” in column B. Both columns are justified left. Column B has the same distance from A no matter how much text is in A.

    Now in the cell phone break point the B column goes away and is placed under the corresponding row for each element in A.

    This visual will help you understand the need.

    I'm sure this has been tackled in the past. I have come up on this need before but have never posted the question.

    Is there any plugin out there that can do this.. I’ve checked Visual Composer but I don’t think it can pull it off.

    If you ever done this successfully I'd love to hear how you did it.

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