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  • HI all,
    I just built myself a template with a sidebar and a main content coloumn. What I want to do is to create this kind of layout: (below my header image)
    |Header: First Post |
    |Other | Sidebar |
    |Posts | Links |

    All single post pages should look like this though:
    |Post | Sidebar |
    | | Links |

    How would I do something like that?
    Thanks, dl33

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  • not sure if I “get” your illustrations there, maybe link to a website that’s in the layout you want? or post a JPG?

    basically you can put your mockup template into a theme like this,
    make a template called index.php
    layout like you want it
    and that will appear below your Header.php on the homepage.

    For the single post pages, make a template called single.php

    Or just get one of the many 2-column themes which look similar to what you described, and customize it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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