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    I’m sure some of you have ran into this – my two-column theme (I’m running v2.0.1) looks perfect in Dreamweaver, looks perfect in Firefox, but is messed up in IE.

    The right-column doesn’t start at the top (directly below the header), it starts below the left-column. I’ve tried messing with the position and alignment in the CSS but nothing works.

    The site in question is:

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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  • 1. You should validate the site – that might help.
    2. No, it doesn’t look OK in FF – you cpy/pasted some text with long lines (the line breaks are outside of the blog area). IE just “pushes” down any sidebar if something is longer/wider than the div it is in.

    Thanks for the info, i’ll take a look!

    I valided the CSS, everything checks out.

    I shrunk that long text, still the same problem.

    Any other mods wanna talk a look? 🙂

    Nevermind, I fixed it. My container was too small. Thanks guys!!

    Your div id=”content” is too wide for the space. Narrow it and you should be able to get this in shape. You need to remember that the padding and margin get added to the content width to make up the total width. If it’s too wide for the space it’s in it’ll act funny, different ways in different browsers. In FF it right now overflows the white space you have visible that it looks like it’s supposed to stay within. IE has a tendency of “column drop” when you do this, and remember that IE always needs more room for everything than the other browsers for some damn reason.

    This also happens when a div tag somehow finds its way into a post. I was having the same problems until I looked careful at a post I imported from blogger and found some stray div tags. Got rid of them, and the problem was solved.

    How do you narrow a div id=”content” then?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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