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Two catagories at once

  • Is there any way to view two catagories at the same time? I want to compile an RSS feed with the combined catagories. Is there any way to do this besides using a 3rd party feed mixing service?

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  • I tried doing this http://www.drapelyk.com/?cat=6&cat=8 but it only shows posts in BOTH of those catagories.

    Could the two categories be children under one category?

    Then you could tag each article as cat1,parent or cat2,parent and a RSS feed of “parent” would get ’em all.


    Hmm, use a syndication plugin to pull your own cat1 into cat3. Also pull your own cat2 into cat3. then offer up the feed on cat3. Rather Rube Goldberdesque though…

    Yeah, I suppose that would work, but it would be nice if the parenting were hidden and if the process was simpler… lol

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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