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  • hello, is it possible to have 2 blogs that has its own database, but that the share WP_Post table between them??

    blog 1 and 2 with their own databases and both “caught” the posts from WP_post this in another database (or database in blog 1)

    I created this image to explain what I mean.


    anyone know another way to do it?

    What I want is that the 2 blogs show the same post but do not want to Import or synchronize db because that would occupy me twice the space when the content is the same.

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  • It looks like you could do it a couple of ways.

    There is a plugin called HyperDB that looks like it would work, though it might be overkill.

    There’s also this article, though I would caution you to override the functions in a custom theme rather than to modify the core file as is done in that example. That way, your changes wouldn’t be overwritten every time you upgrade WordPress.

    thanks for replying.

    I have problems installing the pluggin, I get the following error:

    “Failure to install the plugin.”

    the article is for 2 blogs that are in the same db with different prefix (could also be MU think?) but I’m using two different databases :/

    thanks !

    I have never used that plugin, so I can’t help you there. You might try installing it manually and if that fails, check out the support forum for the plugin.

    Yeah, I guess that article isn’t much help if you’ve got separate DBs. Sorry about that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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