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  • I’m not entirely positive what I’m looking for, so I’ll explain a bit.

    I’m making a wordpress site to post stories on. I have the story section set up like the ‘blog’ part. My first question is how do I reverse the posts so that the first page of the ‘blog’ will have the story in chronological order?

    My second question is I also wanted an actual blog, aside from this, to post about updates and what not. I want this to function more as a traditional blog with the reverse chronological order, and I want for it to be linked with the rest of the pages. I realize I can make a second blog and have it posted under the blog roll, but I want it more integrated.

    Is there any way to achieve this? If so, how?

    I really hope this is clear. I’m not a very advanced user, that’s for sure. I do have my own domain and hosting and can have multiple installs and databases.

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  • You can create a custom post type called “stories” in order to separate it from other posts.

    Reversing the sorting by date should be easy enough using query_posts. You just add <?php query_posts($query_string . '&orderby=date&order=ASC'); ?> before have_posts() in your index.php (or if you’re working only with story custom posts, I guess archive-story.php or something).

    Using custom posts this way would result in being the regular “blog”, being the “index” of stories, and being a single story page.

    Thank you for that, the reverse chronological worked.

    I’m still trying to figure out the post types, though. Is there any way to link to a page that isn’t on the site? Like if I made a blog at where website was the story site and the blog was the blog, would I be able to link to the blog under ‘pages’ or would I have to use the ‘blogroll’?

    Sorry if this is confusing, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

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