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  • My blog is I want to do two or three major things. The first one is to get rid of the banner so there is nothing there. I basically want the top of the page to start with my first blog’s headline. I would like no banner or anything at all. Next very important thing is to make all my links green. Not only the links to the right of the blog, but when I post a blog, I want the links I post in a blog to be green… I know it is possible I just do not know how to do it. Lastly if I decide I do not want to the links to the right, where do I go to get rid of everything to the right. What folder is that all in? Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions!

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  • You will probably want to start by reading the codex:

    It will require some knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS; if you take the time to read the codex and do a little exploring, it is very feasible for anyone to customize their own theme.

    The questions you ask all have answers but not simple one liners. Will take some steps. You could also search for a different theme entirely and use that without having to customize anything:

    i know where to go now, im experienced with style sheets… just need to know what code to delete to get rid of the banner, links, and then where to edit the code colors to make all the links green or at least he links i post on the blog. thanks!

    i just really want to get rid of my banner right now, that is my main goal, could someone at least tell me what folder the code is in and what to delete so the banner is gone? thanks!

    Your theme’s files are at /wp/wp-content/themes/YourThemeName

    i know where the folders are, i just need to know what folder to go into and what to delete in that folder to get rid of the banner or header…

    Being a Laker fan, I don’t think I am going to look at your site… 😉

    Try modifying your theme’s header.php file. The banner code should be below and very close to the <body> html tag.

    I just looked at your site and the header appears to be gone. Did you find it ?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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