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  • First,

    Thanks for you time.

    I’m a neophyte with computers yet I have had, up until now, no problems getting my website up and running. I am a neophyte in the sense of picturing handing somebody the keys to a car and telling them to start it up without telling them how to open the door.

    I have tried to install a counter and everything goes along fine until I had told to copy and paste my code into an HTML page. OK, what the h.e.double toothpick is an HTML page? I have not enountered having to paste code until now.

    The same problem with uploading pictures. I am able to move them from my desktop to the correct page but after that, nothing. In fact, the WordPress directions tells me to click on an “Attach” button that I do not have. I get no thumbnails, just the name of the file. I have tried a .tif and a .jpeg.

    If these questions are too basic and you do not want to waste time ansering on the site, feel free to contact me directly –

    Much Thanks.

    Anthony Pioppi

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