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    Hi all,

    Well, I’m about at wit’s end.

    I want two background images, one at the top of the page and a different one at the bottom – I’ve found the trick where you put one image in the <html> declaration and one in the <body> and that works ok in basic testing.

    However, when I insert it into this theme, it works fine in MSIE, but in Firefox the bottom image seems to sit where the header div is meant to be.

    I know this sounds screwy and I can tell I’m doing something really stupid but I just can’t see it.

    My wordpress test site is here:

    If you check it in Firefox, you can see that the tile image (which is in the body tag) is sitting towards the top of the page. But in MSIE, it will sit where it should, at the very bottom of the page.

    Any ideas???
    Sarah 🙁

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  • I think I’ve solved it – but the damnable reality of it is that I’m not fully sure how I did it.

    I know I set html, body to 100% so their children would inherit the size definition.

    Then I scrapped the second background image and used a separate div instead, with min-height and, awkwardly, an IE hack to control height.


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