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  • For the past week or so, two of the IP addresses that Akismet uses have been unavailable. I’ve checked with my ISP and they tell me the problem is not at their end but with Akismet. As a result, spam getting through is increasing day-by-day.

    The IPs that don’t work are:

    This is what my ISP told me:

    I’ve just run a traceroute, which shows each step on the way to their
    network, with both of those IP addresses. ¬†Each left our network without problem but failed to return once entering theirs, so the problem is not the local firewall but with a gateway on akismet’s end. ¬†Unfortunately there’s little we can do aside waiting a bit for them to resolve the issue, or consider an alternative such as Spam Destroyer in the meantime?

    Hope this helps,

    Positive Internet Support

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  • What happens if you click the “Check Network Status” button in the Server Connectivity section of the Akismet settings?

    Well it sounds like what we know so far is that:
    – Akismet claims their servers are available (by clicking the [“You can confirm that is up by”]”clicking here.” link in the Server Connectivity section of the Akismet settings page)
    – Your ISP is claiming that they ran a traceroute it is something on akismet’s servers end.

    What is the conclusion, that there is a 3rd party in-between the ISP and Akismet servers, that is causing a communication failure?

    Where to go from here?
    Can you ask your ISP what happens if they do ping command on the akismet server ip addresss? example:
    And tell us the results?
    Can you suggest your ISP to add the “-I” switch to their traceroute command, like this example:
    traceroute -I
    And tell us the results?

    The results of the ping and traceroute -I will tell even more detail of the network communication status.

    My other concern is the other two akismet servers are still accessible — would they be able to provide you with the full Akismet service? I looked to answer this question but unfortunately I don’t know the answer. But in the meantime, have you looked at any of the individual spam messages that have been getting through your comment form, and , if so, have you been marking them as spam? ( My understand this could actually help akismet service get better )

    Also, can you post your website url here? Per a “blackdog dot ie” post i googled, I wanted to try to do an mx lookup, to check if your site was listed on an akismet blacklist (if such a list exists there) The idea being that if it is somehow found to be on a blacklist, then maybe to contact Akismet via their contact form. ( btw have you tried contacting akismet by that contact form already? )

    Ok, both ips are now working but I’m none the wiser as to why they stopped in the first place.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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