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  • I would love to have this as an all-in-one package.

    Twitter/wordpress plugin


    widget to display personal user timeline in sidebar
           must be able to screen out @replies
    Backend must work like Twitter page
           Allow me to post an update
           show me my timeline and my friends
           show me the direct messages
           allow RT and @responses
           allow deletion of Twitter posts
           show me responses mentioning me
           show me my favorites
    Must allow for a URL shortening service of choice
    must allow for photo urls (Fliker, TwitPic, others)
    Must show icons of users in timeline
    Must show my icon on widget
    Must link to my profile
    Must update on widget at specified times (AJAX)
    Must have a “refresh” link on backend to show me updates
    Must have hashtag capability
    Must parse hashtags and urls correctly
    Must be a compact interface on a page under the admin section
    Must auto-tweet blog posts
    Must be able to customize how blog posts/updates/links are tweeted and shortened
    Must search Twitter to find RTs of my posts and add those as trackback/pingbacks

    Should be capable of showing trending topics
    Should be on the “post” admin listing, not on the dashboard
    Should have the option of showing the update segment on dashboard
    Should have a section to admin my Twitter profile, followers, icon and such
    Should have a link to my Twitter page from my blog
    Should integrate with things like twitwall and TinyPaste

    Would be nice to have acronyms/shortcodes for use on tweets
    Would be nice to have a section to allow for TwitterKeys

    Current plugin set that allows this in ONE unified plugin? none

    Plugins that allow this as disseparate plugins: ShareThis (tweeting from my posts), Tweetbacks and Tweetbacks Helper (searches Twitter for tweets about my posts), TwitterDash (timeline and updates from Dashboard), Widget Twitter VJCK (my Tweets on the sidebar and ignoring @replies), WP to Twitter (autoTweet of new posts, updated posts and configurable styles for those tweets), WordPress Dashboard Twitter (for seeing @replies, direct messages and so on also URL shortener and TwitPic uploader)

    I’ve seen the plugin Twitter Tools and while it has some of this, more than a lot of others, it doesn’t have it all. So please, can someone who had mad PHP skillz do this for me?

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