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  • Hey pelikan,

    Please, try clearing your browser’s cache and checking again–let me know if there is a still a problem. If so, I will also need your web browser and operating system information, along with a link to one of the posts where these problems are presenting. Thanks!


    Thank you for your response. I tried to clear the cache but it is still not working.

    Here is the info you asked for:
    Link to post:
    I am in Safari
    Mac OS X 10.6

    Thank you.

    Hey again,

    Could you tell me which version of Safari you are running?

    Safari 5.1.9

    There is currently a bug ticket in our system concerning an issue with the bookmarklet loading in Safari 5 versions. If you can update to Safari 6, Twitter-sharing will work. We are trying to locate what’s causing the problem in Safari v5 and hope to have this patched soon.

    Hey again, Pelikan.

    Yesterday evening, we fixed the issue with Twitter sharing in Safari5. In order to grab our most recent changes, please empty your browser cache (and any site caching), then give the Twitter button a try. Let me know how it goes. Thanks!


    Yes it works! Thank you for your help.

    Unfortunately the email share still doesnt work….it gives me the following error….I’m sorry, but there were some errors:
    Email From can’t be blank
    Email From must be an email address of the format name@provider
    go back and try again

    it gives me this after i fill out both email addresses…can you look into this as well?

    thank you.

    After receiving this error, please visit to check if you are signed in. This will help me determine if there is a conflict between our web email app and your account.

    I checked and I was signed in and it still didn’t work.

    Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate your continued help.


    I recently received a case similar to this where the account-holder determined that the issue was related to not having confirmed their account yet. Once they confirmed their account, everything was working as intended.

    Could you take a look to see if this may explain your predicament? Also, check if you receive the same error when logged out of your account.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Yes. Everything woks now. Thank you!


    Fantastic! Have a great weekend!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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