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  • I’m reposting this, since a previous forum was closed without resolution:
    When I write and post a story, upon sending it to Twitter, the story will show but not the main picture featured on it, even though that the box for Twitter and all other social networks are checked on the Edit Page.
    The same happens if I send it to Twitter from the SHARE button underneath it.
    Also, if I combine a Twitter, using links from both my blog and from some other source, that one displays its picture, but not the one featured on my post. It’s quite maddening, to be honest.
    Thanks a million
    Blog url:
    I was once told that the problem was being worked out but that was sometime ago. Is there any news on this matter? I still see other WP users sending posts WITH pictures to Twitter, but no matter what browser I use, it doesn’t work for me. It used to, though. Thanks

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  • Any news about this topic? Can anyone please step up to the plate? I was hoping to solve this issue before my son goes to college. Thanks much.


    We have checked your website, it seems that you have uninstalled ShareThis Plugin. Can you please provide us the exact page containing ShareThis Implementation.

    I’m not sure you are aware of some differences between .com and .org sites. I couldn’t uninstall the plugin because I’ve never had it to begin with.
    Plugins for the .com sites already come with the package, I was told long ago, and I don’t think that that’s changed. There’s not even a menu for them on my site.
    What I have is the option, on the EDIT POST page, to send posts to different social networks, including Twitter, at the same time as I publish them.
    And below each story, there are a number of buttons that I can use to resend the posts, with commentary added, etc.
    Thanks for trying but I still need the correct information.


    Also, I almost forgot it, the plugin was not uninstalled, even if that was possible, because the posts do appear on Twitter; only the pictures are missing. Thanks

    It seems we miss the .com part of the website.
    But as we can check the buttons on your site is isn’t ShareThis buttons. Can you please provide us the link or test page on which we can reproduce the issue.

    You can refer the Twitter Forum post –

    About Twitter Cards –

    Not sure you’ll be able to see this,
    but that’s an example of what I’m talking about (which is not what’s been discussed on the links you’ve sent me). It’s the Edit page of the post I’ve written and illustrated with an image. On the right side, where it says Publicize, there’s a list of sites, including Twitter, that I’ve selected to send the post to when I publish it on my blog.
    The link to the post appears on Twitter, but not the picture that, in this case, is the main factor enhancing the story.
    The funny thing is, just a couple of years ago, Twitter would show the main picture of my posts. The fact that it’s not showing now tells me that something changed in the WP basic Publicize set up, that made us lose that ability. Thanks

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