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  • Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    Please try version 2.3.7 or later and use the “Clear Update Locks” link on the settings page to try to fix this issue.

    I just uninstalled, updated, cleared all caches, updated all settings and the widget still isn’t updating.

    Same here. All locks cleared, no updates. Switched to HTTPS and it reverted to Tweets from a week ago.

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    Did it clear any locks when you clicked the link? Also, after you clear the locks it may take 5-10 minutes to update.

    From memory, it cleared two, then on a second click it cleared two again, then on a third click it reported none to clear. No update even after a couple of hours. Site is at with v2.3.8 installed. It’s working fine on all the sites on our server, but this a client’s site on the client’s server…

    same problem for me. partly my fault i’m sure since i changed my twitter name recently, but changing it in settings isn’t rippling through to widget at all.
    ‘clear update locks’ replies with ‘no locks to clear’.

    tried http and https.
    https shows me the old username and a last tweet of jan 22nd.
    http shows the old twitter name and “no tweets available’.
    have waited a while in each setting and no difference.

    tried uninstalling/reinstalling widget. & deactivating/activating. and emptied cache.

    am on latest update (but was broken on last version too).

    Same problem here in the Netherlands. I also don’t get this widget to work properly. Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Latest version of WordPress & latest version of Twitter Widget Pro.
    My WP-website is hosted on a Danish hosting-provider in Denmark.

    Https shows me my twittername, amount of followers and “no tweets available”
    Http shows me my twittername, amount of followers, tweets posted, but won’t update the timeline. Even when I wait about 6 hours or more, no difference.

    When I hit the clear-update-locks button I got the message “There were no locks to clear!” So that’s not the problem I think, but what makes it not to work the way this widget is supposed to do?

    I’ve tried to uninstall/reinstall the widget, deactivating/activating, but no change at all.

    Please help!

    By the way… the WordPress-theme I’m using is Coraline. Does anyone knows if that is perhaps the cause why this widget won’t work properly?

    Exactly same thing with me.. But Im using Super Skeleton as theme.



    Still not updating…

    Check if your privacy settings for your tweeds are open-Account-tweet privacy 🙂

    Ross Wintle


    @everyone: I’ve just done some fruitful diagnosis on a non-updating TWP issue that I’ve written up. May be helpful to some of you.

    A rollback to v2.2.4 (pre-TLC-Transients implementation) may help you.

    @andydarley Your National Libraries Day site is on a Heart Internet server so you will definitely see the same problem as me. You’ll also find that WP Cron is not working (see my write up of that)!

    @aaroncampbell: could we get some feedback on this? Is my analysis correct? Could TLC transients be removed or made an optional performance enhancement? I have no idea what kind of numbers of people will be having this issue.


    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    My immediate reaction is to say “find a better host”. I mean that sincerely.

    The truth is that TLC Transients gives quite a nice boost both in efficiency AND in reliability. There are a small percentage of people that are having problems, but writing and maintaining the code to keep this as an option seems like an awful lot of effort that I’d prefer to avoid.

    Having said that, let me think on this a bit and see if I can come up with a quality solution.

    Not working for me either, and yes I am with Heart. Even magicroundabouts updated version wont work?

    Ross Wintle


    Hi @roothost, I gather you got my version working now, is that right?

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