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    really one of the best Twitter widgets (and works with new API). Nevertheless I want to use it with german tweets and then hashtags with german umlaut do not display properly.

    here is a link to a WP 3.4.2 with twentyone-theme and the widget:

    so all parts should be utf-8 encoded (including wordpress configuration>Reading), but instead of ‘#Ziegenkäse’ it displays: ‘�se’. Also Link does not work.

    Could anyone help here?

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    #hashtags in this plugins tweets come with a html-link.
    this is how the output should be:
    ‘Unser Rezeptwettbewerb mit französischem #Ziegenkäse (hashtag with hyperlink)’

    this is the actual output:
    ‘Unser Rezeptwettbewerb mit französischem �se (no link at all)’

    this is the source-code from chrome:
    ‘Unser Rezeptwettbewerb mit französischem �se’

    somehow the link does not include anything, and the the adress breaks just in the middle of the searchstring. exactly when coding the ‘ä’ to ‘%C3’. maybe something in the plugin does not use the utf-8 encoding properly?

    thanks for any comments on this.



    source code from chrome again:

    Unser Rezeptwettbewerb mit französischem ‘‘�se



    and again:

    Unser Rezeptwettbewerb mit französischem <a href="" class="twitter-hashtag" target="_blank"></a>�se



    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    There was a u left off the end of the regex. /i should be /iu. I fixed it in version 2.4.1, so as soon as that propagates through the repository and you update this should be fixed.



    Thank you for your advise Fabio! Unfortunately Vivien’s hack (see other thread as linked by Fabio) did not work for me.

    Thank you Aaron for your quick and helpful support. The little ‘u’ does the trick. I allready updated and all works fine!

    Twitter Pro is one of the best Twitter-Feed-Plugins and reflects the new display requirements of Twitter – which helps me a lot!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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