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  • Hi there,

    for those of you, using Twitter and twittering your blog postings there, this might be interesting:

    Since your blog URL, sent to Twitter, usually is very long, Twitter uses (for some reason) to shorten this URL. I did not want this to happen, because might be the largest URL shortener, but it’s way too heavy for me and does not have a feature, I really wanted:

    Previews including high-resolution thumbnails of the destination website.

    I’ve started my own URL shortening project:

    And I wrote an API, which makes it possible to shorten URLs directly out of WordPress.

    I use Twitter Tools (written by Alex King), added a tiny little patch and left the rest (including author, credits, …) untouched, since Alex did a great job and my intention was/is not to steal his work.

    My patch totally bases on Twitter Tools (currently version 1.6b1) and may be downloaded here:

    Read more (details, documentation, installation, …) here:

    And see a demo of the website-thumbnail-tool here:*.

    So long and take care, Thomas

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  • Instead of “patching” Twitter Tools each time, why don’t you use the hook that Twitter Tools provides to allow you to shorten the posted URL and make your code a plugin for Twitter Tools?

    That way users can enjoy WP’s plugin upgrade features, etc. and still keep your short URL functionality.


    I use Twitter Tools, and it shows my posts at Twitter with shortened URLs.

    I would like to deactived it. I mean, how can I show long permanentlink at Twitter?

    Thanks in advance

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