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  1. luomat
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Twitter Tools is installed here:


    On the sidebar of my site http://tj.tntluoma.com you will see it is working fine.

    Except: where it says "What I'm Doing..." I wanted it to say "What I'm Thinking..."

    In the aforementioned PHP file there is a line:

    'title' => __("What I'm Doing...", 'twitter-tools')

    which I changed to

    'title' => __("What I'm Thinking...", 'twitter-tools')

    BUT! when you view the site, "What I'm Doing" is still there.

    I'd think I was doing something wrong (or seeing a cached version) except that I WAS able to change:

    '">More updates...

  2. '."\n"


    '">For more, see my Twitter feed... '."\n"

    and that change appears INSTANTLY.

    I see no other place in the file where the word "Doing" even occurs, so I have no idea what is going wrong.

    Can anyone help?

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