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  • I’ve been using (and loving) Twitter Tools. I’ve noticed that when I revise and re-save a post, Twitter Tools re-publishes the content. Is there any hack for the plugin to have it check on whether or not the post has already been published?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I’m curious about this as well. Thanks!

    Twitter Tools does check if it’s already tweeted the post or not. There might have been a bug with this code at some point, you can try the latest version in SVN if you want. I just reviewed the code there and it looks correct to me:

    I’m sorry–so, are you saying it’s intentional that it retweets when you update/edit a post?


    So if the post hasn’t been twittered (twitter account opened after the post was created and twitter tools installed) it will publish?

    I’ll try the fix – thanks much, Alex!

    I’ve just tried again with the SVN version and no luck. Even for posts updated with a minute or so, they get reposted. I’m no PHP dev but looking at the code it does seem to have the proper checks in, unless this line:

    get_post_meta($post_id, ‘aktt_tweeted’, true) == ‘1’

    returns the wrong parameter (which I couldn’t tell for sure)


    Wouldn’t it be a better behaviour to have a “Tweet post updates” as a setting and send update tweets different than new post tweets?

    “New blog post: post_title post_url”
    “Blog post updated: post_title post_url”

    I’m looking at how to do this. I don’t mind re-tweeting edited posts if the last tweet was more than 1 day ago.

    I’m having this issue as well. Whenever I update a post it sends it to Twitter. I think the option to have new or modified posts would be great – I thought the intention of this plugin was to tweet NEW posts…

    only just noticed this after doing lots of 2.5 upgrade re-edits – what a mess 🙁

    if i see a fix i’ll post it here.

    Try the latest beta.

    I am using the latest WP install and v1.5b3 off your blog, Alex.

    I make a lot of edits to prior posts and noticed them coming through as tweets. Should this not be happening? Any easy tweak to the code that can be made?

    Thanks for all the great work w/ this plugin.

    the beta is cool

    project managment

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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