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  • Good day all.

    I learned recently that is should be possible to create a page (akin to the Archives Page) that displays all the tweets made on twitter that Twitter Tools has imported into one’s WP db from code that is available in the plug-in.

    Has anyone done this? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to go about doing this effectively?

    If you would also be so kind as to post the code necessary I/and hopefully others would be greatly appreciative.

    Thanks. I hope this helps others interested in the idea.

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  • Bump. Thanks again all.

    With the release of Twitter Tools 1.6 I thought I’d bump this topic to see if anyone saw a way to do this in the plug in. I tried using Alex’s suggestion (below) but I believe it is only for recent posts and meant to be a added to a theme’s code not a page as I am trying/have tried.

    If you just want your latest tweet, use this template tag.
    <?php aktt_latest_tweet(); ?>

    hi gary,

    did you ever get a reply or figure out a way to do this? I am also really interested. thanks in advance!

    steve k

    I never did figure out how to do this Steve. Sorry. =\

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