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  • So here is a very odd bug. I’m using Twitter Tools v1.0 on WordPress v2.2.1 and everything has been working great up until today.

    I noticed that a few days ago a daily digest (the summary of all my Twitter posts for the day) was posted to my blog under a different author. (specifically the author was: “kery12”).

    What is going on? The daily digest was posted correctly, but now I am more then a little worried about security problems if a strange author (who shouldn’t have posting privileges) was able to post to my blog.

    Hopefully Alex sees this, and hopefully he’ll know exactly what the problem is.

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  • Generally this happens because the Twitter API returned the wrong data to Twitter Tools. Twitter Tools doesn’t do any data validation, it just trusts whatever Twitter sends it.

    That doesn’t make any sense since why would return data that would say a different author wrote it? I think Twitter Tools is a great plugin, but this is a very odd bug indeed. It seems to assume that the first user listed in the “Author” section on users.php is the correct author for the digest, however, it should be simply assuming the digest belongs to the admin. The admin is listed as the first user listed under “Administrator”. What kind of data could Twitter feed your plugin that would have it make that mistake?

    Twitter is a great service, but it has some serious growing pains and breakages from time to time. Sometimes it doesn’t return the correct data, it happens.


    I’ve been using twitter tools for some time, a week from today I notice that it has stop using an author name at all. I would like to know your recommendation to this issue? Should I remove it and its tables, if it has any, and install it again?



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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