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    In Twitter Tools previous to this latest 3.0 upgrade, all my WordPress posts automatically were made into tweets and posted to Twitter automatically when I published or scheduled the Post.

    However now with 3.0 it seems this is not automatic anymore? Instead in the top-right corner of the Post’s Edit page I must now click “Edit” under “Social Broadcasting” and manually do this for each Post each time?

    I hope there is another way to automatically post each new Post to Twitter… is there? Am I missing a setting somewhgere to do this? My blogs have multiple authors posting many times a day and the automatic feature makes things much, much smoother and easier to administer.

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  • I have the same problem too! 🙁 no automatic posting to twitter, with twitter tools 2.xx goes it very smoothly

    Same issue – I rely on this plugin for all my automatic tweeting, using the advance posting features of WordPress. This no longer seems possible, as there is now a prompt for the Twitter portion. I also used the Hashtags feature from the plugin to automatically add hashtags. This does not seem to be there either. I am reverting to an old copy of Twitter Tools until this rewrite is usable.

    I am using the plugin wp to twitter it works great

    Yes – may be time to switch to a new product. I have been using Twitter Tools for a long time, and it has served me well, so it’s a shame to have to switch.

    Same problem here. I dont like the interstitial publish to twitter button I see after clicking to publish an article. I’d rather just have it auto post like it used to.

    Another problem… the old twitter tools allow us to ignore certain categories. Losing that feature really hurts me. I have a category that I know I never ever want to publish to twitter so, why ask?

    Has anyone found a solid alternative?

    Alex, I realize I am whining. Can I ask, are there plans to add any of the lost features back in future versions?

    I agree – I thought by checking default publishing or whatever it would just go to facebook and twitter automatically.

    Plugin Contributor Alex King


    You can set up default broadcasting accounts in Social. Social does the broadcasting now.



    @alexkingorg Ok I see on new Posts the Distribution box does appear, so that is good 🙂 My problem was I had scheduled Posts already before the plugin was upgraded, so after the ugraded I had to manually set them for distribution.

    I think this is the case and the solution, but I need to wait a few more days and see more Posts and also put this on other WP sites to double-check.

    @derekmacewen the hashtags are pain in the butt now, I agree 🙁 You can set them site-wide in the Social admin area by doing something like this:
    {content} {url} #tagname1 #tagname2
    But it seems we can not set them on a per-Post basis 🙁

    Thanks. Under the old version, I set my hashtags subtractively – I listed the several I commonly use, and removed at posting/scheduling time any I didn’t require for that particular post. For the moment, I am modifying the tweet before it is sent to add the hashtags, but I keep forgetting! It looks like I could use the Social admin area, and remove the hashtags I don’t need at post time. Now that I have time to look at this, I see that the scheduled posts DO show the distribution box, so I think I can work around these differences.



    I just upgraded to Alex King’s newest version 3.0.1. It fixes some backend stuff but not the issues we discuss up top here.

    One of my other big problems is I only tweet Posts from certain categories, and not others. In the past there were great add-ons for Twitter Tools that allowed us to select which categories could post to twitter — this seems gone now?



    Hmmm, ok I am doing much more testing on 10+ WordPress sites for clients. I see a big problem in the new version of Twitter Tools and Social that did not exist before:

    The problem is with automatic syndicating of our network of blogs via Feedwordpress, none of the Posts seem to be broadcast via Twitter. Each seems to be manually posted to twitter when a Post is automatically created via Feedwordpress.

    Do other people seem to have this problem too? Or you see if there is a way around this to make automatic scheduling and/or broadcasting based on when the Post is made/scheduled?

    Alex, what is ‘Social’?

    My posts are not automatically being sent to twitter. How do I remedy this?



    @daveslc Social is another plugin that you must install to use Twitter Tools. So now both work together. If you have the old Twitter Tools installed, you will not be able to use it anymore until you upgrade and add Social.

    However, some of the old features, such as automatic Broadcasts, are missing. it would be fantastic to see Social add automatic broadcasts when a Post is published. By default, each Post could have a box that has “automatic broadcast” already selected, but if a user wants to customize the tweet, the user can still click and customize the Tweet before broadcast.

    So, in order to send a Tweet automatically, you have to now install *another* plug in?

    I thought the whole point of Twitter Tools was to be able to send a tweet when you post a story.


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