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  • I tried both my Twitter user name and e-mail. Verified the password, even changed the password to make sure I had the right one.

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  • I’m having the same issue, getting the message about failure to authenticate. Sometimes, when I try to test the login, I *instead* get this message: Sorry, login failed. Error message from Twitter: Rate limit exceeded. Clients may not make more than 100 requests per hour.

    My Twitter feed hasn’t updated in a week on my blog.

    mine is not authenticating either.

    freshly upgraded to wordpress 2.7 and twitter tools 1.5.1a

    I have tried everything to get TT to work. Every suggestion in the forums. The only thing I can think of is that Twitter is blocking addresses from outside of the US?

    Why on earth Twitter doesn’t move to a paid service is beyond me? I would gladly pay 5$ a month, even fortnightly for the coolest little tool on the web.

    Pure speculation based on nothing other than I have yet to see a site with TT working and all I see here is people not even being able to authenticate TT???????

    Mr King any ideas?

    Dingle Speaks


    Don’t think it’s that, I can log into twitter from China without a problem!

    Alex King


    Try version 1.6b1 – hopefully it fixes this.



    Had the same problem a couple days ago. Though my twitter widget works just fine, the Admin test login fails. I have version 1.5.1a. Well the problem is, if you have a special character in your password, the test login will fail.

    Here’s a quick and dirty solution (for v1.5.1a):

    1. Edit your twitter-tools.php
    2. Find the function aktt_login_test
    3. Replace:

      $snoop->pass = $password;


      $snoop->pass = str_replace(array("%26","%27","%3A","%2F","%40"), array("&","'",":","/","@"), $password);

    4. Save!

    …and that would fix it!

    I haven’t yet tried version 1.6b1. But I hope that bug is already fixed.

    Alex King


    Is this still needed with 1.6b2?



    Tried version 1.6b2 and it worked perfectly! No need to hack or replace anything.

    Great Plugin! Thanks Alex!



    I have tried 1.6b2 twice, and still not working…




    I’m running 1.6b2, whenever I hit ‘Test login info’ I get:

    “Sorry, login failed. Error message from Twitter: This method requires authentication.”

    My tweets appeared yesterday, but they are no longer being collected.

    I tried the password hack further up this thread, no joy either.

    Any suggestions anyone?



    I was able to correct this problem with v1.6. Since I don’t know the exact fix, here is what I did:

    Go to Twitter and change your password. In my case, the password was rather lengthy. I shortened it to nine characters and used only letters and numbers. Then logged out.

    Went back to the plugin and entered the user and pwd. Test worked! Tweets updated.

    I tried that either, changed the pass to a 6 letter word but didn’t work

    *bump, I am still experiencing this problem on 2.7.1, I have tried all suggested fixes. Is it possible that something other than API is triggering this error? Maybe hosting environment?

    I had the same problem with version 1.6. Resolved it by using a new password for my twitter account. Changing it on twitter did not work. I used the email option to rest my password! After that updated the option for twitter and hit the test button and it worked.

    Mine worked for a day and now I get the auth failures.

    WordPress 2.7.1 and latest version of Twitter Tools.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)
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