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  • Very glad to have the brand new v1.5 update of Twitter Tools — I was looking forward to this update with the duplicate custom field issue fix. I now have it installed at several of my sites. A few questions, though:

    1) At the first site where I happened to test the widget (running WP 2.3.1), I noticed two glitches. It’s showing only 2 updates instead of the larger number I set in the options, and it’s also only showing my oldest 2 tweets instead of my newest ones. On 2.6 installations, the widget appears to be fine.

    2) The Readme says there is the ability to post a tweet from the WP Admin screens. I don’t see where.

    3) I don’t understand what the “Set this on by default?” option means.

    4) On what basis would I choose which JS Library to use?

    5) This probably goes without saying, but safe to say the order/category/tags/author options are all irrelevant in cases where no option is set to create tweet/digest blog posts?


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  • #3 refers to the setting above it.


    But yikes, now I’ve got a big problem! On a site where I had it set for daily digest, it created two daily digests for yesterday, and then it has already created something like 15 copies of a daily digest for today. All appear to have the same single Twitter update. I’ve deleted all the digest posts and shut off all blog-posting functionality for now until this can be resolved.

    Any thoughts?

    The answer to your #2 is that you can enter tweets from
    the dashboard->write->tweet (tweet is in the write submenus with page and post). You can also set it to accept tweets from your sidebard in the options. I have found that helpful.

    As for the daily digest, I am having the same problem. It posted 4 duplicate posts on the first night, and then nothing. I don’t even know where to begin to fix that.

    Thanks for the answer to #2 — that’s a great feature, glad to now know where to find it!!

    #1 actually resolved itself somehow. I’m content to let that one lie.

    Alex answered #3, and though I’m puzzled why a yes/no question needs a separate yes/no question to determine whether the first one defaults to yes or not, Ii think that’s pretty much resolved as well.

    All the remains, then, are 4, 5 and the horror over the digests that you’re having, too. 4 & 5 are pretty trivial, I suppose. I sure hope someone (Alex!?!?!?!?!?) can give some help with the digests!!!!

    #3 exists because the option to alert Twitter to a post is an actual option when you write a post. Right under the categories table is a new option with a check box “Notify Twitter about this post?” — when you have the #3 option as “Yes” in your Twitter Tools settings, it auto-checks that box for you. 🙂

    Oh, that’s really helpful, thanks! Because I noticed that a post I did yesterday didn’t end up posting to Twitter, and I thought there was yet *another* thing wrong with the plugin! I see now I just had that post’s checkbox (which I didn’t even know about) unchecked. So that’s a relief.

    So now, truly, all that seems important is the dysfunction with posts/digests from Twitter, which have the serious multiplicity issue. Hope someone can help with that!

    I am having the same “multiple digest posts” as msmerritt. Would love to see this fixed — it would be a huge plus on my blog.


    I have a question regarding the option: “Set this on by default”. I have it checked and when I create a post using WordPress, it is checked and everything is rosy. However, if I use any other tool such as MarsEdit or Blogo or ScribeFire to create a post, the post never notifies Twitter. I have to use the dashboard to edit my post and manually check the “Notify Twitter about this post?” option. It seemed to work fine with the older version of WP and TT. Am I missing something?

    Downloaded most recent update for Twitter Tools and now my posts from third party blog post tools such as Blogo and Mars Edit are working with Twitter Tools. Thanks for the fix!

    I’ve just finished installing Twitter Tools on my blog, and–while I don’t yet know how it will work for me–it sure looks great on paper!

    I do have one question, though…

    I’m trying to edit, using the wordpress plugin editor, the two of the phrases that appear on my blog, relative to this tool.

    I’d like to change “What I’m Doing…” and “More Updates…” to different titles. When I make the changes in the plugin editor, and go to save, I get the following error:

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/plugin-editor.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    Apache/1.3.39 Server at Port 80

    Any ideas on what might be happening here? I’ve never experienced an issue with an inability to change display words on a plugin before. Thanks for any possible assistance.


    same problem here as well

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