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  • Hi! I responded to you via email a little earlier today. We’ve opened a couple tickets to further review the issues you have reported. Thank you.

    Two weeks to sort out an issue with Twitter, come on guys, this is second only to FB in terms of importance, whats the point installing if Twitter bugs out. We recommend your plugin to our clients and are seriously considering looking elsewhere.

    Hi deaddawgdesign,

    I believe we were speaking via email earlier. We’ve just located the problem and are currently testing a fix. Twitter-sharing should be restored to you shortly. Fingers crossed!

    To everyone else that reads this thread, there are two changes that have occurred within the past couple weeks:

    #1. We switched to Twitter’s new API. This seems to have caused some Twitter authorization tokens to expire and require reauthorization. You can do this by logging into your Shareaholic account and managing your connections on the Connected Services screen of your account settings panel.

    * Disconnect your Twitter ID
    * Open a new tab and sign in to your Twitter account
    * Visit the Apps screen of your Twitter account settings
    * Make sure that Shareaholic is not listed in your authorized apps after disconnecting
    * Switch back to Shareaholic and reconnect your Twitter account using the ‘Login with Twitter’ button
    * If everything goes well, your Twitter account and Shareaholic are now synched.
    * Tweet away!

    #2. Yesterday, we migrated to a new server to improve performance, but we received reports that there were technical issues which arose after the switch. (This is the matter addressed in my post immediately preceding this one.)

    Once we have a fix in place, where everything is synched with the new server, things should be back to normal. However, if you find you are still running into a problem with Twitter-sharing, refer to #1.

    If that doesn’t work, reach out to us directly by submitting a request through our support center with a description of the problem and your operating system & web browser details.

    Thanks for the update, however I think you should mention to your customers that clicking on the Connected Services at this stage merely results in a blank page, obviously your server is still having issues. That aside, thank you again for the detailed response, I am all too well aware of the difficulty a small team can encounter when things go haywire. Your response was quick and informative. Best of luck resolving the issues, we will watch the space with interest.

    True to her word, they have sorted out the support issue, well done guys. 10/10. We have just published an article promoting this plugin on our blog for anyone interested in an unbiased opinion on the best social media plugins and believe me, we’ve tried the lot! You can access the article here

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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