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    As far as I can tell I have Twitter configured properly but when I click on the button the screen that appears has the “Post” button grayed out.

    And there is no dynamic count of the length displayed.

    Also, I have bit.ly defined but it’s only used about 1/3 of the time and s.shr.lc is used instead. Seems random. That’s a mystery.

    http://www.VegasNews.com is my site. Thanks as always!


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  • I combined two account I had at Shareaholic and I think that resolved the bit.ly problem. So here’s where I am:

    The dual share box has to go. This is horrible and appears to have a few major bugs. It’s too confusing.

    For a while it was only showing Facebook, then after a few more tries it showed Twitter but when I tried to post to Twitter I got an error message about “An error in the cloud, please try again later”.

    Putting a Shareaholic authorization in the Twitter button is something that will kill the action on Tweets. This was a bad idea and I have a feeling it will force me to go back to my other share plugin. It just doesn’t work.

    Hi beggers,

    Great suggestion!

    I’ve added a task to our development queue to make the Twitter panel optional and it’s been assigned as of right now to be completed between December 17-30. I’ll be sure to circle back with you once we’ve released this feature.


    Andy Huang
    Shareaholic Support

    Though I should note that this is a tentative timeframe and it’ll probably take longer to be completed, e.g. Jan/Feb, because of the holidays and incoming Boston snow storms of doom <shivers>

    Sounds good. Thanks for letting us know, Andy!

    Plugin Author Shareaholic


    @beggers this feature is now live! The multishare panel can now be toggled on/off. Go to “General Website Settings” -> Share Button settings.

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