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  1. renskempen
    Posted 6 years ago #


    I am currently using SimpleTweetWP to tweet my new posts and Twitter Tools to include my tweets in my WP sidebar.

    Two things I'm looking for:

    A way to put the post category(s) into the tweet as hastags (#). Ie. by adding something like %categories%. A post categorised as Recipes would then be tweeted like this: "blogged: Green goop - You've never tasted anything like this! #Recipes wp.me/gibberish"

    Also, I'd like to be able to exclude tweets that contain certain hashtags from showing up in my sidebar. This way I would avoid double content as my blogposts are now tweeted and then show up in the Twitter widget in the sidebar again. If I can, say, exclude tweets that start with "#blogged:", I would just have to make SimpleTweetWP add a hashtag before each tweet.

    Does anybody know a plugin that can do these things? Or could anyone create or modify one? I hope so! Thanks!


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