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    Hi, and happy new year.

    I’ve got a fixed height of 340px on the twitter feed because REASONS, showing a single tweet, but a lot of the tweets include portrait pictures that are being cut in half, from the top. I would like to crop these to background position center center, translate -50% -50%, or object fit cover – or anything that will work, to be honest. is there a way to do this, or is there any way to set the fixed height, include the text tweet, but crop the image separately?

    thanks in advance,

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    Happy New Year! You can do pretty much anything with a little css magick. If you could show me a more visual on what you are looking for I might be able to help out, that and an example link to your feed so after I see a visual I can then create some custom css for you.


    Sorry for the late reply; I sent a reply to a noreply@. Happy new year 😉

    Hi, spencer!

    On this page down the very bottom you’ll see your twitter module: https://www.vbcviterbo.com/temp-home/

    The test tweet I’ve left there is a short text tweet and a portrait pic. I’ve set the height of the module to 340px, hidden the sharing buttons at the bottom and the account name at the top, and floated the tweet time left.

    The 340px height crops the container. But this cuts any portrait pic that’s tweeted in half, calculating from the top. Is there any way for FTS to crop the tweeted image in the center rather than from the top, so that it conforms to the set height of the container?

    I’ve tried various types of center center css tricks, but I’m not that good, and can’t seem to isolate the image itself to do anything with it. FTS seems to be taking it as is.

    does that explain?

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    Sorry for the delay here as well… If you create a set height and the image is getting cut from the bottom that would be the nature of how coding a set height would work, that way people can scroll.

    I would remove this CSS you added because otherwise there is no way for a user to be able scroll to see images that might not be entirely visible. Unfortunately there is no other way, using css to position the image would not work in this type of instance.

    .fts-twitter-scrollable {
    overflow: hidden;

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