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    Call me crazy, but with the numerous plugins that enable Twitter crossposting, I have to think this could be accomplished within the postform on P2 or Prologue. This would be excellent for multi-author blogs, for instance, and those not wanting users in the admin panel which is one of the true benefits of P2/Prologue.

    The Commentwitter plugin uses ajax to neatly tuck a Twitter username/password form into the comment post form to make this happen.

    I have to think if this can be done with a comment form, it must be possible with the P2 or Prologue postform, no? Appreciate any input on this idea.


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  • Surely some clever plugin writer can pull this one off, no?

    I have to think this is the natural evolution of Prologue and P2 anyhow so perhaps someone can help me come up with a way to enable Twitter crossposting from the post-form in P2.


    I think that’s a good idea from jacob00.

    To me, P2 seems like a cross between Disqus (heirarchy commenting system) + twitter + blog. I am no coder but if someone can set up a plugin for this he/she would be a ‘godsend’.

    It would also be great if a coder can set the plugin up as being able to put it on a seperate page itself where real time conversations (is dedicated to one of your pages in your blogs)…

    ahhh… I can only imagine! 🙂

    Twitter: @ArmandAguillon

    Perhaps the ‘author’ page? This would allow for the home page to capture all posts from all authors (in a multi-author or wpmu environment for example) while the author page would work much like the ‘personal’ page in Twitter.

    i had installed buddypress last week and though it was nice, it felt overkill for what i was looking for. so i’ve installed p2 and will give it a run for a bit. if i like it enough, i’d def like to work on getting cross-posting to twitter, friendfeed and facebook going.

    Any news on a plugin that allows crossposting from P2 to Twitter and Facebook?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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