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    Twitter counter only displays ‘0’ on the ‘Really simple counts’ admin page, even after sending a number of Tweets for testing purposes to two different Twitter accounts.

    Have read the FAQ and done some troubleshooting.

    Have two questions before proceeding further.

    1) Are there any known issues with counts being displayed on the ‘Really simple counts’ admin page?

    2) Are there any detailed instructions on using counters?

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  • Hi ahermann,
    the Twitter counter usually take a lot more than others to update, sometimese even 12/24 hours. Did your counts show up in the end?

    Although my site is available on the Internet, it is receiving no traffic. I am still creating content and testing different features before doing any SEO. Still, none of my testing for FB, TW, or G+, have generated any counts.

    Is maybe the website in testing (e.g. localhost or private network), or is it online? Can you provide a site url to look at?

    The site is online.

    Hi, it seems like the buttons have not enough horizontal space. Please go to the plugin settings page and increase (like 110) the width number near every button.

    Thx for the quick response.

    I have enabled the count boxes for TW and G+, and added pixel width so that the FB, TW, and G+ count boxes display.

    The counts boxes on the home page ( now show FB 7, TW 3, and G+ 0. These counts have not changed in several days.

    I should have been clear in the description of my question. My question has to do with the counts shown on the ‘Really simple counts’ admin page.

    I expect to see somewhere on the admin page at least the same counts I see on the home page, plus counts from other pages (not sure if there are any counts from other pages at this time).

    However, all I see for the latest Post/Page date shown on the admin page is Dec 17, 2013 is FB 0, TW 0, and G+ 0.

    What am I missing?

    Hi ahermann,
    there’s no issue. The boxes on the home page reflect the counts for the home page (FB 7, TW 3, G+ 1 today), while the boxes on inner pages reflect the shares of it, e.g. this page has 0 shares for every button.

    The admin counts page gives you a brief summary only for recent posts share counts; for your home page shares, just look at the counts on the public site.

    So, there is no issue. Ok, thanks.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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