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    I am having with Twitter Widget Pro.

    I am running in both of my websites and both have the same problem.

    I watch the API Usage Counter and when it resets in 60 mins, the widget makes 150 calls in approx. 10 mins, then I have to wait 50 mins for it to reset. Problem is, while it is waiting to reset, my twitter posts don’t get fetched to be displayed in my website twitter bar.

    My question – Why is Twitter Widget Pro making 150 API calls in 10 mins when I am not posting anything in twitter?

    How can I fix this?


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  • I have a similar issue where the API usage seems to be tied to my website(s) IP address. I have a few websites hosted at the same IP Address and most have twitter feeds displayed on them, so the API limit is reached very quickly (i.e. a couple of minutes).

    Is there a way to cache the last API call so that there are always tweets displayed instead of only showing them straight after an API call has been made?


    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    The limits imposed by Twitter are per IP, so it’s not the widget using all those calls. It’s likely other sites on your same IP (at shared hosts there are MANY sites on one IP).

    Twitter Widget Pro only makes one call per instance every 5 minutes. An instance in defined as a unique username/setting combo. So if you have 10 widgets but they all show 5 tweets for the same Twitter username, that’s only 1 instance and will only make 20 calls per hour to Twitter.

    The response from Twitter is cached and used until another valid response is received (when you change the settings though, the cache is invalidated).

    Thanks Aaron, that clears things up 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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