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    I have a childtheme of twentytwelve. I have the top div header section using a background that takes up the full width of the space (see site).
    I am wanting to get the recent-news section to do the same as the top section (blue background to take up the full space). I’ve messed with quite-a-bit and think that it has to do with wrapper and site classes, but haven’t got it work right.

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    That’s right, you need to move it outside of any parent elements that have constraining widths.

    Yeah, that’s what I did for the header section, but it’s proving to be trickier with the content section. The recent-news section is a template part that I’m calling in index.php. So, I just got it to change by getting it outside the parent element, but it seems to mess with the overall alignment of the template part for some reason.

    Alas, I’ve got it! Actually, it was just that (getting it out of the parent element). Though I also had to echo a div with my class around the call to the template part. I guess it makes a difference to echo the div where I want it as opposed to writing it in the template file. Weird!

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    Instead of moving it, try closing off <div>s before it and opening <divs> after it.

    I think you need to close off 3 <divs> before it and re-open 3 more, some of which have particular ids/ classes.

    Edit: Nevermind, glad you resolved it.

    Oh, I think you’re right about that too. I think I did that for the header section at some point and time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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