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  • Okay, Quick question to those of you who know the codex and/or PHP better than I…
    I want to change what displays on the homepage for the twentyten theme; rather than it display EVERY post; I’d rather have it display a specific Category or posts.

    Can someone show me which code I would need to implement and which code from the page.php file to replace.
    I’d really appreciate it as I cannot find what I’m looking for on teh googles(surprisingly).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi afar, do you mean like what I have on my own home page here?

    Yes Doug, I’d like to customize what posts and/or category is displayed on my homepage; I’ve found where I can switch it to a static page; but essentially I’d like to display a category I’ve named “News” on the homepage; so when visitors come to my site; they are presented with the most recent news; not all the recent posts from the blog as a whole; as not all the posts are necessary to be on the home page.

    Nice Design by the way…


    No answer from Doug… what a tease 🙂

    Anyone else?

    I too wish Doug would of responded back. I’m new to wordpress and he has done a few things with his theme that I’ve been trying to figure out. I see you found the static page concept, which was what I was going to suggest. Since it is static, not sure if it would automatically import the most recent news. I think you would have to do that manually and then link to the rest of the article, like Doug did for his services and personal-work pages. But I don’t know, yet, how he achieved that. Sorry I’m no help, but I’m hoping someone replies also. In the meantime if I figure it out, I’ll chime back in. Here’s my twentyten theme and what I bumbled through so far.

    I have a few themes we’ve used at the office for other clients and I’m going to see if I can Frankenstein some code from them into the twentyten theme to see if I can accomplish what I’ve been requesting.
    If I’m able to do this successfully I’ll report my results so you too can use my findings on your site.

    So far I like what you’ve done with your site; kinda looks like what I’ve accomplished with mine; just I’ve removed the WP branding from it for corporate reasons.
    I’ve also installed quite a few 3rd-party plugins to enhance the theme as well.

    I’m wondering if its possible to easily create a static home page with the Twenty Ten theme? If I go to Settings > Reading – there is no button click for making a static home page?? Maybe I just need to use a different theme?


    it’s not necessarily a button Magenta; it’s a radio button toggle; it says “Front page displays” and you can select “your latest posts” or “a static page”
    if you select static page you can select a page from your list; and even set one for your posts page as well.

    Have you had any luck yet afaraonegt? I’d like to remove the WP branding, just haven’t had the time to dig very deep to take it out. Is the site you’re working on up live, I’d like to check it out and see what’s possible. Like I mentioned before, I’m new to WP and trying different plugins as I have time. One thing I’d like to change is the widgets on the side so every page doesn’t have the same content.


    I can help you with the WP branding — if you’re talking about the info in the footer. Either edit your footer.php or create a copy of it in your child theme folder if you’re doing a child theme — and then remove the div the id of “site-info”.

    I’m still working on mine but I did get that done!

    Hope that helps! Kc

    Editing the footer was easy enough, thanks. Your site is too funny, I know some of those psycho cats.

    Now we need to get back to afaraonegt’s original question.

    I have spent some time now trying to find a solution to Afaraonegt’s original question and am still not getting anywhere. If someone know how to do this can you please let us all know. Thanks. J



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