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    Hi, I’ve heard it’s possible to change background images and headers for each page – is there any tutorial to show how to do that? Google searches aren’t showing anything. Otherwise can somebody give a quick how-to? Thank you in advance for your time. Dale.

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  • dunno about the background… I do know that different headers is standard on 2010

    you simply set the ‘featured image’ while making your posts, and that will be the header. It just has to be wide enough…..940×180 I believe

    (also not sure if it applies to pages? I would think so…I know it applies to single post view)

    still not with the program… I’m editing a page now and I don’t seem to have an option to select a specific image – I don’t want the featured image. When I watched the intro video Matt says it’s possible to change backgrounds too… would be great if it’s possible, I’m after a very different look for each page. Thanks again for responding so quickly! Dale.

    Hi, I would loooove to know that as well.
    To take it a step further, is there a plugin compatible with wordpress3 and twenty ten that does the trick?

    It is a two step process. First, you have to pick the “Set featured image” link usually found on the bottom right of the Edit Page / Edit Post page. That brings up the Media Library menu. You then select an image from there (think it needs to correspond to the theme image size, e.g. 940×180 for Twenty Ten). Then when you pick the “Show” option for an image, one of the options at the bottom of the image info pane is: “Use as Featured Image”. Pick that, and that image will be used for the page/post. Kind of non-obvious path, I think.

    Don’t know about changing the background for each page, however.

    I don’t have an option to “Set Featured image” at the bottom right of edit page… I have upload/insert, comments, publish, move to trash or update. I can find it as an option on post, not on page.

    I’m using a plugin to change the background via flickr, so changing the background is not such an issue anymore…. just the header. Any idea I don’t have an option?

    ok, I’ve juggled the plugins around, tried a few different themes and come back to twentyten, now I the page layout is completely different and I have the options to use as featured image option. Now the issue is ‘script on the page used too much memory, reload to enable scripts again’. And again, and again, logged out, shut down computer – same message. Tips?

    ok, it’s working now.

    I just watched a prom video for WP3 using Twenty Ten theme and it said about changing backgrounds as well as the header images for different pages, can you please tell me how do do this?

    I don’t have “Set Featured image” at the bottom right of edit page.

    I’d really like to have about 4 page templates I make myself with a different background for each and some other bits of text/ images as standard for that category of Page.
    Then when I make a Page I select the one I want.

    Any ideas – but especially how to insert a background graphic for the Page content AND for the surrounding white area.

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