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  • Hi there,

    I’ve been trying to change the width of my sidebar for the TwentyTen theme. My site is

    As you can see, the text currently runs into the sidebar. I’m using the TDO Mini Forms plugin in the sidebar.

    Here is the code I have edited – what am I doing wrong?

    #container {
    	float: left;
    	margin: 0 -340px 0 0;
    	width: 100%;
    #content {
    	margin: 0 400px 0 20px;
    #secondary {
    	float: right;
    	overflow: hidden;
    	width: 340px;
    #secondary {
    	clear: right;
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  • esmi


    Forum Moderator


    .entry-content, .entry-summary {
    padding:12px 0 0;

    Remove width:600px;.

    But be warned that your customisations will be over-written the next time you upgrade WordPress or the theme. For this reason, it is recommended that you consider creating a child theme for your customisations.

    Thanks esmi.

    If you highlight text from the “Testing 123” post, it still highlights the whole page (including sidebar background) – any reason you can find for this?

    And thanks for the heads up about a child theme – will look into creating one.



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    I’m not seeing any highlighting issues in Firefox now.

    Aha, it seems to be a Chrome issue.

    Final issue related to the sidebar: as mentioned I’m using TDO Mini Forms and the Form Title as well as the Widget h3 are showing up. I just want the Widget h3 and not the title. Here’s the code snippet.

    <!-- form start -->
    <form method="post" action="" id='tdomf_form%%FORMID%%' name='tdomf_form%%FORMID%%' class='tdomf_form' >
    	<div><input type='hidden' id='tdomf_form_id' name='tdomf_form_id' value='%%FORMID%%' /></div>
            <div><input type='hidden' id='redirect' name='redirect' value='%%FORMURL%%' /></div>
    	<!-- widgets start -->
    	<!-- who-am-i start -->
    		<h3 class="widget-title">Start Sneezing</h3>
    		<?php if(is_user_logged_in()) { ?>
    			<p>%%USERNAME%%, you're logged in already.

    Many thanks in advance.



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    Try adding:

    #primary .widget-container .fieldset h3.widget-title {display:none;}

    to the bottom of style.css.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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