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TwentyEleven them- centre menu question

  • I have read about changing the styles.css file by creating a child version of the css file and have followed all the changes but still cannot see these reflected in my site. As I am just creating this on my local machine is there a different link I need to put on the “@ import url etc ” to see the changes?

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  • Can you link the website with the issue?

    Not yet as I am just developing the site on my local machine and it is not yet ready to put up- can I put it on WordPress somewhere temporarily? Just getting to grips with the system.

    Simulate the issue in CSSDesk; a CSS sandbox. You can share the link to it (top right).

    How would I do that? If I copy and paste the full html source code it shows my WordPress login etc- what am I missing?

    View your webpage.
    Right click and select ‘View source’.

    Take all of that pop-up window’s code as the HTML for CSSDesk.
    Then take the CSS from your style.css file the CSS for CSSDesk.

    Ok- thanks just being a bit stupid! Just needed to logout- duh!

    here is the link:

    Have just noticed that pasting it here- the menu is centred. Why can I not see that on my own machine?

    Why do you have so many styles in your Child Theme style.css file?

    I read a post that said copy ALL from the original style.css and edit, is that wrong?

    I think so.

    You see the @import line? That literally copies all of the CSS for you.
    So copying it further is only duplicating code.

    OK- so I just need the changes. Is there an addition I need to make to the child css file so I can see the changes when editing on my local machine? I could only see the changes when I pasted into CSSDesk.

    Perhaps you need to use more specific selectors.
    Are you using a browser developer tool like Firebug or the one built-in to Google Chrome?

    Not sure what you means by selector- I am using Chrome

    What code are you using to center the menu that isn’t working in your theme?

    I have followed all the editing for # access selectors and text-align etc- these just did not show on my local machine but now I have looked at the site in CSSDesk they ARE working as I wanted them to. I was not sure HOW the child css linked to the parent file when editing on the local machine and whether this made a difference in what I could see.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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