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  • Hi!

    I have a few random questions with the twenty eleven child theme i’m working on. I’m probably making this a lot more complicated than it should be.. but I’m hoping you can help anyway! This is the website:

    First, The very top bar with the social media icons is simple the three footer widgets that I’ve put next to each other. The middle one is supposed to show both categories and archive, but since it’s technically a vertical menu I can’t get the archive to go NEXT to the categories. Is there any way to make it horizontal?

    The heart next to the titles is the entry-meta. Is there any way I can change the date so it says Jan 28 instead? and with each word below each other?

    I’ve put the comments under the entry-title (so, .entry-header .comments-link a). How can I change this to say “1 comment” or “leave a reply | 1 comment” preferably.

    And how do I move the search area down a bit so it lines up with the other functions at the top? It’s in supplementary (one)

    Sorry if these are really obvious/silly questions, I’ve just been stuck so long I though the best would be to ask for help 🙂

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