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  • Hi,

    I noticed that IE9 displays my twentyeleven theme incorrectly. The main navi and side widget are displaying without the proper formatting and the layout is wrong and messy.

    I tried removing the Helvetica fonts from the style sheet, and adding links in the header.php to refer to the stylesheet as suggested in some other posts I found online. But it didn’t work. What’s interesting, is after I uploaded an edited style.css and header.php using FTP, I refreshed my page in IE9 and the home page came up correctly. But if I then clicked on a menu item or refreshed again, the screwy lay out showed again. No issues in Chrome or Firefox.

    Also, I don’t mean to edit the main theme, I don’t have the need to create a child theme. I only edited the style.css and header.php to check if this would solve my issue. If it did, I was going to create a child theme. I know this is best practices.

    Here’s the link

    I know that these themes are supposed to work in IE9 so I wonder what I’m missing. Any pointers would be much much appreciated!


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  • Michael


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    the start of the head section of your site is considerably different from the unedited Twenty Eleven;

    what happens if you revert to the original theme?

    Thanks for your replies!

    @alchymyth : I have the original files on now, no difference as far as I can see.

    @wpyogi: yes, I checked the validator but didn’t see any relevant errors. Do you?

    what the… ? now all displays fine in IE9?!
    I just reverted back to the original files but I only made those changes because the display was screwy to begin with..

    *scratching my head and really confused*

    does it display correctly now for you too?

    Ok.. it’s not fixed.

    It first looked good in IE. I have a contact form plugin (contactform7) that I noticed was de-activated. (someone else worked on this site – it’s our local CSA and a volunteer has updated the site recently)

    I activated the plugin so that the contact form would also display correctly in IE9. It then did, I tested it, and upon validation of sending the info through the contact form, the display/layout became screwy again.
    I then refreshed and refreshed, and the issue remained.

    I then disabled the plugin again, but the site is still screwy. So even if the plugin is acting up, why is my site not back to normal after disabling the plugin again.

    I mean.. this clearly points in the direction of a plugin issue, right? Or could this be another issue, masked because of the responses I had with the plugin.. Still researching this online but no luck so far..

    Contactform7 is the best contact form I’ve found so far. But maybe my solution is using a different one. I’ll check this out. If anyone has a recommendation for a stable contact form that works with WP3.51 and the latest version of Twentyeleven, please share! Thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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